What if you could create 80 variations of a landing page in 2 minutes?

Wouldn't that make it ridiculously easy to find that "perfect page" and get a ton more clicks?


What if your LP already makes $100 a day and your CTR goes from 4% to 11%?


How would you spend that extra $275 a day?


What if doing this was now a million times easier than it used to be?


Guess what? Now it is.

What is Landing Page Genius?


Landing Page Genius is the ultimate in testing and optimization software for affiliate marketers. Designed by real in-the-trenches affiliates, it goes way beyond simple A/B split testing and lets you test multiple versions of the same landing page without having to create multiple copies!

Yeah, you read that right.


Using powerful multivariate testing, Landing Page Genius empowers you to effortlessly test different headlines, ad copy, images, buttons, page colors, audio, video, and more -- so you can find out exactly which variation is making you the most money. Fast.


Plus all of that juicy conversion data shows up exactly where you want to see it: right inside of Prosper202 or CPV Lab. To see what's converting, just check your stats like you always do.


"Mark is an expert programmer but what makes him stand out from the pack is that he's also a successful affiliate. For those reasons, I use his services regularly. Landing Page Genius is an awesome addition to my tracking program."
David Ford, AffPlaybook.com


A/B Split Testing vs. Multivariate Testing


A/B Split Testing is a fundamental part of optimizing a landing page. The basics are simple: You create two versions of a landing page (an "A" version and a "B" version), send traffic to them both, and see which one converts better.



Multivariate Testing can be thought of multiple A/B tests on a single landing page at the same time. Instead of displaying static content, like a regular landing page, the landing page is now dynamic. That means, its content changes each time it's viewed. So while A/B testing can test just two content variations, Multivariate Testing can test limitless combinations. This mean you can test more landing pages more efficiently.



Why Does Landing Page Genius Blow Away Traditional A/B Split Testing?


To test three measly headlines using traditional split testing, you have to do all of this work:


  1. 1. Create three landing pages, each with a unique headline.
  2. 2. Upload all the pages to your web host.
  3. 3. Add your landing pages to Prosper202/CPV Lab.
  4. 4. Get the LP tracking code for each page.
  5. 5. Paste the LP tracking code into each of the three landing pages.
  6. 6. Get the tracking links.
  7. 7. Setup rotation or a rotation script.


Work, work, work.


Let's face it, all of that can be massively time consuming. It's hard to stay organized and almost impossible to not screw up when you're doing all of these repetitive (and sometimes confusing) steps. For many affiliate marketers, this is either too painful or too much of a hassle, so they simply don't bother testing more than one or two landers. Big mistake.


Trust me, no one enjoys doing all this work. But never forget...


If you're not testing as many landing pages as you can,
you're leaving money on the table.


So let me ask you this...


Do you think the "pros" are doing all of this grunt work? Do you think the guys making the real money are copying & pasting and setting up tracking all day? The answer is: no way.


The top affiliate marketers have learned a valuable lesson that 95% of affiliates never learn: Delegate, Automate or Die.


They either outsource or use expensive, custom built, in-house software to automate as much as they can.


That's what Landing Page Genius does for you. Landing Page Genius lets you test multiple variations of a landing page without having to create a new lander for each test. You don't need to keep creating new landing pages, uploading them, setting up tracking, pasting code, or pulling tracking links. By using Landing Page Genius all of that work is a thing of the past.


By now, it should be obvious that Landing Page Genius saves you a ton of time. But so far, we've only looked at a scenario where we test three headlines.


What about a real world test like the top marketers run every day?


Let's say we want to test the following: (3) different headlines, (3) different images, and (4) different button colors.


3 headlines x 3 images x 4 buttons = 36 variations



With traditional split testing, we'd need to create and setup thirty-six different landing pages!


With Landing Page Genius, we need only one.


Let me repeat that: With Landing Page Genius, you need only one landing page.


Are you getting the picture?


Landing Page Genius makes it effortless to test. Heck- Landing Page Genius makes it FUN to test. That encourages you to test more. And when you test more, you'll discover landing pages that convert better and better. And that means a LOT more money in your pocket.


"Landing Page Genius will save me HOURS of work each week - specifically, I'll no longer need to set up individual LPs within Prosper for each variation that I want to test.

LP Genius [has already] revealed some good headlines.

The biggest takeaway is that LP Genius will be a HUGE TIME SAVER! With Landing Page Genius, there's no longer any excuse not to split-test!"
Blake I., Ridgeline Interactive



What Can You Test With Landing Page Genius?


The possibilities are almost limitless. Any kind of text or ad copy on the page can be tested.


You can test text, images, buttons, colors, borders, CSS styles, audio clips, audio and video players, javascript, dynamically inserted keywords, dynamic geo data like the visitor's city, state, or country, and more. Literally anything. Landing Page Genius was designed from the ground up to be as flexible as possible.




How Does Landing Page Genius Stack Up Against The Competition?

Landing Page Genius doesn't just holds its own against competitors, it crushes them.


Bottom Line- Landing Page Genius is cheaper, faster, and simpler to use. End of story.

Check out this comparison table:


  Visual Website Optimizer
Large Plan
Another Competitor
Premium Plan
Landing Page Genius
Initial Cost $249 $399 $179 (one-time cost)
Monthly Cost $249 $399 $0
Visitor Limit 100,000 100,000 Unlimited
Test Limit (Pages) 25 Unlimited Unlimited
Total Cost @ 6 Months $1494 $2394 $179
Total Cost @ 1 Year $2988 $4788 $179
Seamless Integration with Prosper202 & CPV Lab No No Yes!


Visual Website Optimizer's Large Plan is $249/month. And that's capped to 100,000 visitors. If you think that's a lot, it's not. It's easy to get 3,000 visitors per day from a single target using PPV traffic. Other traffic sources like paid search are even crazier. Seriously, even beginning affiliates can easily blast through 30,000 clicks in a few days.


Other competitors are even more expensive! After using these guys for a year, your bill would be a whopping $4,788!


Um...no thanks.


And then there's Google Website Optimizer (GWO). To be blunt, for affiliates GWO sucks for a variety of reasons: (1) Setting up new tests and placing code is a huge hassle. (2) You can't change anything while a test is going on. Want to add a new headline or remove a bad one? Too bad, no can do! (3) The conversion data is not real time, it's delayed by 8-12 hours. (4) Google is capturing and storing your conversion data and tracking your domains. Yikes!


Next there's Genetify. Setting up tests is done right smack in the middle of your page. This means things get really messy, really fast. But the biggest problem with Genetify is that the reporting is awful. To view reports you need to have Firefox with the Firebug extension. And the real shocker? Your conversion data is publicly visible to anyone who cares to look! No kidding. If you want to help your competitors rip your landers and conversion data, this is the tool for you. :-(


And finally, remember this: Landing Page Genius is the only software that integrates seamlessly with both Prosper202 and CPV Lab. That means you see exactly what's converting right inside your tracker. With the other guys, you have to view reports in a separate location and that means endless hassles and wasted time.


The other guys force you to do things their way. Landing Page Genius let's you work smarter by integrating itself with the tools you already use every day.


"I found it pretty easy to use. The manual is pretty detailed. I tested 3 different LP's with 16 variations and was able to increase the LP CTR from 34% to 45%! I will definitely use it for all my future campaigns to optimize my LP's. I was using VWO in the past."
Daniel F., Affiliate Marketer



7 More Reasons Why Landing Page Genius Is Kickass Software And You'd Be Crazy Not to Get It

1. Landing Page Genius Will Make You More Money


This one is obvious, but it bears repeating. Whether you're an experienced marketer or just starting out, Landing Page Genius will make you more money almost immediately. Why? Because it's simple to use and makes testing effortless. By being simple to use and quick to implement, it actually encourages you to do testing. You'll find yourself testing simple things just because you can. And you know what? You're going to to find some landing pages that are made of pure gold and they're going to make you bank!


2. Landing Page Genius Will Make You A Better Marketer


Most affiliate marketers fail or flounder for two main reasons: they aren't creating enough campaigns and they aren't testing enough. Landing Page Genius is the secret sauce for fixing that second problem. Landing Page Genius removes excuses by making testing quick, easy, and fun. Trust me, it's a blast when your conversions double from an outrageous headline that you never expected to actually work. Testing, and lots of it, is the key to this business.


3. Landing Page Genius Has a Near Zero Learning Curve


Landing Page Genius is everything you need and nothing more. It doesn't have heatmaps or other bells and whistles most marketers don't need or want. It simply does what it does faster and simpler than its competitors. And the best part? Because of its tight integration, Landing Page Genius let's you see all of that juicy conversion data right inside Prosper202 or CPV Lab. You'll be able to instantly understand your stats and tweak your landing pages to make more money!


4. Landing Page Genius Is Designed & Coded By An Experienced Affiliate Marketer


If you've read my blog at ctrtard.com, you know I've given away a lot of free scripts. Hundreds of affiliates are using my scripts every day to do things like landing page rotation, offer rotation, geo-targeting and more.


Recently, one of my mods was even added to the official release of Prosper202. So that should tell you something: I know what I'm doing. And I can tell you with complete confidence that Landing Page Genius will absolutely help you take your marketing to the next level by squeezing more conversions out of your existing trafffic.


5. Landing Page Genius Keeps Your Conversion Data Private & Secure


Your conversion data is valuable. Do you really want to trust it to a third party? With Landing Page Genius, your data is kept safe and private. All of your conversion data is stored in your Prosper202 or CPV Lab installation. Unlike competing products your data does not pass through third-party servers. The only person who can view your conversion data is you.


6. Landing Page Genius Has Unmatched Flexibility


Landing Page Genius let's you test virtually everything you can think of. From page elements like title tags, colors, and images, to ad copy, and regular text. It even handles trickier things the competitors can't, like geo-targeting code and audio players. So far there's nothing we've found that it can't test.


And don't worry, when you purchase Landing Page Genius, you'll receive detailed documentation that teaches you how to test all the stuff I've mentioned, so you can get started right away.


7. Landing Page Genius Has Superior Speed and Reliability


Landing Page Genius uses pure PHP code and is hosted on your own server. The other guys use Javascript which slows down your page and can even cause your landing pages to stop working if their server goes down. If you don't understand any of that, don't worry. Just know this: By design, Landing Page Genius insures you've got blazing fast landing pages and rock-solid reliability.


"It really helped! Apart from the really easy split testing it really gets you creative because it's so easy to split test. The power of this tool is those 2 factors combined, and it's really really good at it."
Mark S., Forum Moderator on Affplaybook.com



Buy Landing Page Genius And You Get:


  • Powerful & Simple Multivariate Testing for Landing Pages
  • Seamless Integration with Prosper202 & CPV Lab
  • Self-Hosted, Your Conversion Data is Private
  • Unlimited Tests
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Unlimited Landing Pages
  • Lifetime License
  • No Monthly Fees
  • World Class Support
  • Rock-Solid 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:
Try Landing Page Genius for a full 30 days.
I mean really put it through its paces and test tons of landing page variations for a bunch of campaigns.
There's no doubt in my mind that if you actually make an honest effort
and really use it, you're going to love what it does for your conversions and your bank account!
But, if for whatever reason you're totally nuts and just can't see its power and value,
then just say the word and I'll give you a full refund.


So what are you waiting for? Take action now and get Landing Page Genius.

You owe it to yourself to take your conversions, your business, and your profits to the next level.


"LP Genius is good stuff. I've been testing things and it's really helping. I've definitely made my money back. Product rocks man.. hands down."
Shomit Momin, Hareem Enterprises
Requirements: Landing Page Genius requires PHP 5 or above and the IonCube Loader to be installed on your server. Most web hosts already have the IonCube Loader installed or will install it for you at no cost. To view conversion reports, you must use either Prosper202 or CPV Lab.